Der Biergarten Menu

Der Biergarten offers an authentic German menu featuring cuisine prepared in true German tradition, ensuring a cultural and tasty experience. The selection includes classic German dishes such as weiner schnitzel, jäger schnitzel, schweinshaxe and sauerbraten, in addition to sides like sauerkraut, rotkohl, käsespätzle and kartoffelsalat. Our selection of authentic sausages includes bratwurst, knackwurst and landjäger.

Got the whole family with you? We offer the Konig Ludwig Platter, which feeds six hungry people, to better serve large groups. With generous portions and a variety of German meats and sides, this platter is a great way to sample the many tastes of Germany with your friends or family.

Be sure to save room for dessert! Der Biergarten offers delicious German favorites such as warm apple strudel served with vanilla ice cream and German chocolate cake.